Deliverance and Healing For All

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This ministry has healing and deliverance rooms located all across the United States, along with additional healing and deliverance rooms now being opened up in many of the other countries across the world as well. Call, and then make an appointment to meet with them in person. Many of them are also trained in the area of dealing with demons, including any possible generational issues you may be dealing with on your end.

A man by the name of Cal Pierce has now reopened up the healing rooms that John G. For those of you who do not know about John G. At one time there were so many healings occurring at the healing rooms he had set up in downtown Spokane, that a representative of the Federal government declared the city of Spokane to be the healthiest city in all of the world.

However, after John G. Lake passed away, all of the healing rooms he had started up eventually shut down. However, this time the healing rooms would not only be opened up across much of the United States, but they would also be opened up across many of the other countries in the world as well. Cal Pierce has written a very good book on how all of this started up with the Lord. As they prayed, fasted, and interceded, the Holy Spirit began to move.

Intercessors and healing teams were raised up and trained. And on July 22, , the healing rooms, which were first opened by the great preacher and evangelist John G. Lake, were reopened. Since that day thousands have been touched and healed by God through this ministry. The vision and ministry continue to spread, as teams continue to go out from the Healing Rooms to give seminars and to provide training and assistance to new healing rooms springing up across the country and around the world. If you go to their site, there are also other links that you can click on that will give you more information about this powerful, Christian ministry.

Also, if you would like to be a part of this anointed healing ministry and would like to start up a healing room in your own area, there is a link in their website that you can click on that will tell you how to get started with them, as they are always looking for new and more areas to expand into. They will also help train you, along with providing you with the basic assistance you will need to get fully started with your own healing room. You will have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by going to a more specialized type ministry like this one is.

I personally believe that God will be pulling out all of the stops in the very near future to get as many people saved and on the rapture train as He possibly can before the Great Tribulation hits our world full force. And one of the areas I believe the Lord will be pulling out all of the stops on will be in the area of diving healing and deliverance. I believe this specific ministry will be one of the many ministries that God will be using in these end time days so He cannot only heal and deliver His own, but so He can also send them out to do the exact same thing — as the last thing Jesus told us before He left our earth and ascended to His Father was to save, heal, deliver, and disciple, which is known as the Great Commission Command.

Read below or add a comment This issue is multifaceted and includes many things like lovelessness, the fear of man ie. Jesus dealt with problems on the spot. Besides Jesus stating this fact in the New Testament, there are many Old Testament passages that prophesy about Jesus and also say this. Here are two of them:. His delight is in the fear of the Lord, and He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor decide by the hearing of His ears; but with righteousness He shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth; He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked… Behold!

He will not cry out, nor raise His voice, nor cause His voice to be heard in the street. A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth. Jesus could do this only because He had that primary thing that terribly lacks today: knowledge ie. A read of the whole chapter of Isaiah 50 shows that this is a prophecy about Jesus. A knowledge and then acceptance of all three will completely revolutionize everything having to do with healing and deliverance ministry and will also introduce a whole new realm to this physical realm of modern but sluggish and slow-moving christianity: the realm of the AUTHENTIC miraculous not fake or New Age but from God and discernmible as such.


Those times are certain to come; we just pray that they come sooner rather than later. I have generation curses and demo oc impressions. I need more help. Though knowledge the just shall be delivered. My Success has been with anger and rejection I believe. Depression left but be soon returned. The healing rooms in America sound excellent. On the website a lift of healing rooms in UK can be found. I took a friend for prayer to one of these Healing Rooms. They are run by genuine Christians who are willing to give their time to help others but are often not experienced enough to deal with deeper issues.

My prayer is that the Lord will raise prayer warriors who have adequate experience and discernment for this important and difficult work in the UK. I would issue a caution to anyone going to the healing rooms. Use discernment. You may meet some good solid Christians who will pray with you and help you get free. But you also may meet some Christians who are deceived and have bought into NAR , fire tunnels, and other new age deceptions that some Christians are accepting as legitimate manifestations of the Holy Spirit, which they are not.

In such a case, one can wind up in even more bondage. Discernment is essential. Try the spirits. Put it to the scriptural test. Many new age and counterfeit, even occultic practices are being welcomed into the church under the claim that it is God when it is not. Do you know of any truly Christian deliverance ministers specifically experienced with SRA?

I got tricked into going to them and ended up in far worse shape and they apparently did some kind of activation to make me a satanic assassin spiritually speaking. I was horrified. I desperately need help to undo this and get a hell portal closed. I know this is wild but as you know strange things go on in the spiritual realms.

A prayer for faith in healing, deliverance and in times of trouble

Many times I have renounced being dedicated to satan and recently did a prayer to break any marriage covenant with satan. I think that was effective because afterwards I felt like I was having a heart attack. If anyone can refer me to someone you know who is reputable and experienced with this type of thing I would be forever grateful. Thank you! Ruth i hope you found your deliverence but if not; remember who tou are in Christ.

I dont know anyone but Jesus who can dispell satanic attacks and your able to ask for him just as much as anyone. If there is unrepentence in your heart, hate, ect. Pray and be healed. Unforgivness is an open door and shame keeps it open, if its too personal to talk to a pastor find a penpale in Christ to pray for you as well.

Furtgermore the enemy will continue to lie to you even if you are delivered from demonic oppresion.

Healing of bodily diseases

Shield of faith, belt of truth, dont let pride drag you to satans level. Your a child of the King. Hi Ruth, I just happened to land on this site and saw your post. I am Christian therapist who also uses strategic deliverance in my work. I am very experienced in SRA, having worked with survivors for almost 30 years. I can relate to what you are talking about.

If you are still having problems, I would be happy to consult with you. Of course you should test me because sadly I know that others in my field can be working for the enemy. Please be careful in going to see someone safe, who is working for God. Eileen, This is Marilyn writing from Canada. I am a therapist also but have been burdened down with demonic oppression for quite some time now and have not been able to carry out my counselling practice as a result.

I truly need deliverance from demonic bondage and harassment which appears to come from a past connection that I believed was Christian but turned out to be occultic in nature. I need the Lord to renew and bless my relationships with Christian family members. Thank you. Hi, Ruth. How are you doing? It seems the word modern means a Christian must forget about the activities of demons and their influences to destroy a Christian.

Our Lord was destroyed in His flesh existence by religious leaders Pharisees and government powers caring about legitimacy. Comfort is given to believers when we know ALL liars hurting our Christian friends are known and will be separated from us by the Lord in the Eternity, where no pain,aging or darkness exists. Wait for it by preserving your faith at all costs!

I am in a situation now, being tormented be evil witchcraft spirits from generation back,these witch took possesion of my body,These spirits have been attempted to be cast out by my Pastor only to be stirred up, which they remain,These have thrown me to the floor inside of the Apostalic church as i stood praying with other members,They try hard to distract me while im calling on Jesus,By causing me coughing fits,And using evil things on my mind,I am working hard towards being pleasing in Gods sight by following his commandments,Please if you can give me helpful information towards being delivered from these evil spirits so th can have the true relationship that i want with Jesus,.

Lula contact one of the healing rooms provided above and I pray that the Chris will be replying to all messages more rapidly and attending to this online ministry the Lord has assigned unto him more deligently where the needs are surely personably needed! Jesus, We need you, pls anoint this ministry and usher your deliverance upon the many that come here who need your mircaculus healing deep on the core of their souls and upward to spirit body and mind leaving no residue of darkness or abnormailty left. I can relate. It helps to have fellowship that can empathize through personal experience.

I had to listen to loved ones being tortured to death every time I tried to sleep. I was physically attacked by them, and had real people harrasing me every time I left the house. But it all went away, once I quit using drugs, engaging in sexual immorality, living in known sin, and I turned fully to God. We need to realize that when we ask God for help in leaving our sinful ways, he will use whatever he feels is necessary to help us do just that. Including taking the leash off Satan, his fallen Angels, and demons, and letting them beat us into submission.

Remember who is in charge.

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Yet they still had to repent. But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Christ would suffer. In the spiritual warfare and deliverance deception case, the sin involved going beyond our given authority that amounted to slander through our direct confrontation with celestial beings. We confess to God the sin of slander against celestial beings, acknowledge that we walked in ignorance, repent of the sin and ask God to deliver us from all its consequences.

For an example of a prayer of repentance, deliverance and healing please see Appendix 2: Deliverance, Healing and Restoration Prayer. It may help those who may need to understand scriptural backing on repentance, deliverance and healing. Ceasing to Associate with the Sin. Repentance also requires ceasing to associate with the sin. This includes throwing away any books, literature or multimedia that embrace non-biblical matters such as the erroneous spiritual warfare and deliverance.

This did not change in the New Testament. He has no comfort living with objects that do not please God. Christian converts in Ephesus who had practiced sorcery and divination were asked to destroy the materials they used. They destroyed them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas.

The unscriptural spiritual warfare and deliverance may not fall in the core definition of sorcery or divination. However it is still in this category since it deals with the spirit world outside scriptural order. The practice invokes or arouses evil spirits to answer to our demands in a way that scripture forbids. Our interaction with them in the spirit world only opens doors for them to interfere with our lives. This is not to say sincere believers who advocated this type of spiritual warfare willfully misled people into forbidden activities.

The deception flood of the erroneous spiritual warfare and deliverance teachings got so high that many of us easily found scripture to back up our resolve for direct confrontation. Believers were zealous in their resolve to directly confront demonic spirits that scripture was easily taken out of context without even realizing it.

Some are still zealous in such false teachings. Our ministry Jesus Work Ministry has an outreach to such believers. Part of our calling is in overcoming the false teachings by revealing biblical principles on spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry areas. Deception can be conquered just as it has throughout church history in various areas.

Please visit our websites: JesusWorkMinistry. More content available in the Third Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it. Deliverance comes once we have embraced the truth about spiritual warfare or whatever area that we were previously in ignorance, deception, sin, or under storms of life when responding to storms the wrong way.

Any area where truth is revealed therefore brings freedom. Deliverance ends all that came from our involvement in deceptive spiritual warfare and deliverance or whatever area that we were previously in ignorance, deception, sin or under storms of life. Deliverance is instant once the required biblical principles are applied. Deliverance ends any further attacks. The Lord comes to our defense in this area where the enemy once used to bring defeat in our lives.

It implies we will never receive another attack from hell using the door of false teachings on spiritual warfare and deliverance. Such a door or whatever door that we were previously vulnerable through ignorance, deception, sin or through storms of life is shut forever once the truth is embraced. The Lord delivers us not just from further attacks but also from the consequences of the ignorance, deception, sin or storms of life. Deliverance from the consequences is what is called healing. The attacks brought wounds in our lives in one way or another — spiritually, physically, socially, materially, and so on.

The wounds are the consequences of the ignorance, deception, sin or storms of life.

5 Powerful Healing Scriptures Every Believer Should Know - The Healing Scriptures by Sid Roth

The Lord brings healing and restoration in our lives as we embrace his biblical ways and truths on the areas that we were previously in ignorance, deception, sin or under storms of life. The healing and restoration may come in different ways than we may expect. It may be a double spiritual anointing to serve God.

It may be a social healing in the family or church. It may be a career or financial breakthrough. It may be a physical healing from an illness. Or a combination of many factors. The life of apostle Paul can be an example, though his experiences are not related to falling to the spiritual warfare deception. He was nevertheless deceived by the enemy that what he was doing persecuting Christians was right in the eyes of God. The time of restoration will be different for each of us. Our patience has been declining even in the body of Christ.

He has a way of relating with us often outside our time frame. Will he keep putting them off? God will also give you the grace in doing your part to facilitate the healing process. The following are some examples of healing processes in different areas — spiritually, socially, materially and physically. If healing is in a spiritual area God will give you the grace in doing your part to facilitate the healing process. This includes healing of the wounded spirit.

Healing Scriptures

It also includes deliverance and healing of spiritual wounds that exposed one to the spirit realm. For example, one seeing and hearing demonic spirits will be able to stop fearing the appearance of these beings. Seeing, hearing or sensing demon spirits implies one previously tapped or got access into the spirit world through whatever wrong practices. Prayer combined with fasting also helps in the healing process.

Until God completely closes your access into the spirit world your focus should be on him not the evil spirits being seen, heard, or sensed. In his time God will bring the required covering to your spiritual eyes and senses. You will then be like the majority of us who are covered from seeing and hearing these evil beings.

For more information on spiritual healing areas please see Chapter 5 on deliverance and healing in spiritual areas. If healing is in the social area God will also give you the grace in doing your part to facilitate the healing process. For example, in a family area on conflicts he will give you the grace to pray and fast for matters or individuals bringing problems. Do not expect a superhuman personality but a change in how you handle you weaknesses that cause problems. For more information on social healing areas please see Chapter 6 on deliverance and healing in social areas.

In the area of finances God will enable you to cultivate a generous heart. These expenses not only hinder repaying of debts if you have any they also hinder you from giving, an avenue that God uses to release his material blessings. For more information on material healing areas please see Chapter 7 on deliverance and healing in material areas. These are natural health principles. For more information on physical healing areas please see Chapter 8 on deliverance and healing in physical areas.

Continual Search for Unknown Doorways. Blind faith is not a spiritual weapon against ignorance, deception, sin or storms of life. Only the truth is and applying it.

Anima Christi

If blind faith was a weapon against ignorance or deception all Christians would have almost no problems. All we would need is to believe God that somehow he would drop the answers to our various obstacles. I wish this was the case. For instance, many believers are trusting God to bless them materially and to miraculously overcome their financial obstacles.