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Maisey Yates always,always managed to blow me away with the most highly unlikely plots. This time she did so again,and boy oh boy what a plot she dreamed up for us this time! I was amazed to learn that a matchmaker could end up with a Prince but hey what girl would not want a Price,castle and a tiara to go with it right?

Now as perfect as that set up sounds the Prince in question is no angel and he most definitely does not need the" not fit to be a Queen Jessica ", yet she is the one that simply Maisey Yates always,always managed to blow me away with the most highly unlikely plots. Now as perfect as that set up sounds the Prince in question is no angel and he most definitely does not need the" not fit to be a Queen Jessica ", yet she is the one that simply not only excites him but he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and he cannot get enough, not the mention that the woman infuriates him beyond believe.

But for Jessica there are no dreams of tiara's ,castles and waking up to a gorgeous Prince every morning only insult to injury, Prince Drakon only wants one wild,crazy month with her and thereafter he will choose a woman worthy of being his Queen, ouch! I loved how the author used that very hurtful yet passionate "scandal" and one month of scorching hot passion to bring together two seriously stunning characters. Jessica stands her ground and our lovely Price well the man is so arrogant that I more than once got the urge to give him a good slap , but I totally loved them both!

The author loaded her book with true depth,emotion and some very fun and delightful dialogue. Taking me as reader behind the glitz and the glam of royal life showing that not everything is always as it seems and a potential "scandal" can turn out to be the best thing to happen to a very stubborn Prince, that will bring his perfect house of royalty to a the ground!

Excellent work Maisey! Oct 17, Fiona Marsden rated it it was amazing. This is part of a series The Call of Duty that comprises two books and a novella. The other book is A Royal World Apart about this heroes sister. The theme of the series is about the conflict between the Call of Duty and the Call of the heart. Prince Stavros Drakos needs a wife. She must be a suitable match for royalty, beautiful, intelligent, reasonably compatible and able to bear the heir to the throne. Jessica Carter is the best matchmaker in the world with a bank balance to prove it.

She has This is part of a series The Call of Duty that comprises two books and a novella. She has a database full of potential Princesses and knows she could find just the right one for Stavros. The hard part is going to be resisting the very charming Prince who lights fires long extinguished by the disaster of her marriage.

Jessica is totally unsuitable for a bride but the Prince might just find her perfect for a final fling. As a heroine, Jessica has a snarky way with her that makes for some delightful banter between her and Stavros. She is hiding a lot of pain behind that slightly eccentric style, in particular the one thing that will make it totally impossible for her to ever be the bride of a prince.

It is lovely to watch the supposedly heartless playboy prince brought to his knees by a woman who is his true match in every way but one. It is that one thing that will force him to consider whether his heart or his duty will win. This is an angsty read my favourite kind with lovely dollops of humour and nice sizzle. Jan 28, Leona rated it liked it Shelves: hqn-presents. I actually really enjoyed the story line and the characters. I loved the hero, Stavros I loved the heroine. In spite of all the pain that came her way, she still kept it together with such class.

I loved the two of them together, especially in the beginning. They had such charisma. What didn't work for me, were the internal dialogues. They just seemed to go on and on. I kept flipping the pages saying I also felt once their relationship turned physical, the author spent too much time on it and less on their developing relationship. The author took on a difficult topic and the devastating impact on a woman's life.

But somehow, instead of being a page turner like Lucy Monroe's The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain it developed into something depressing. Dec 03, Yazmin rated it it was amazing. Jessica Carter is the most sought after matchmaker by the rich and famous.

Caitlin Crews

She seems to be able to find just the right match for everyone and meet all needs and requirements. And now she is hired to do for Prince Drakos. She needs to find the perfect future queen for him and she meets none of those requirements herself. Stavros needs to find the perfect future queen and Jessica is just the person to help him find her.

Stavros will do just about anything to get Jessica in his bed and try and get her out of his system before he has to marry another woman. Now the biggest decision will be whether to marry the perfect queen for his people or marry the perfect woman for him. But he will have to convince Jessica that he will not regret his choice either way before she chooses for him. If you like a good romance with challenges and lots of sexy scenes, then this story is for you. Jan 19, Sara HarlequinJunkie rated it it was amazing.

Rating: 4. Prince Stavros heir to throne needs to get married, and married quick so he enlist the help of professional matchmaker extraordinaire Jessica Carter. Why you ask? Well Stavros has a pretty logical explanation When I need to organize a party, I hire an events coordinator. Why should this be any different?

The essentials are general compatibility and suitability for my country. Childbearing hips would help. That might make up for it. Jessica knows she can never be the queen Stavros needs and tries to resist the temptation but Stavros know what he wants and what he wants is Jessica. But when Jessica reveals her darkest secret to Stavros, he cannot help but fall for this strong beautiful woman, now his biggest challenge will be to get Jessica to believe in them, to believe that they have a future together. This is my Fav. Quote from the book: But you, Jessica Carter, you are perfect for me.

At His Majesty's Request was an emotional read that had a lot of light hearted moments… I would highly recommend both books in the Call of dusty series. Jan 02, Nancy Crocker rated it it was amazing. She has been hired to fins the perfect woman to become his bride and future Queen. There are flirtatious sparks between the two right from the beginning. Prince Stavros is attracted to Jessica. But for many reasons in her mind she is not the right woman for him.

Jessica has loved and lost and felt betrayed by the man who should have been there for her. She has suffered through medical issues. And she has walked away from a marriage, in my opinion from a man that was a selfish ass. She has moved on and built her business. And has pretty much decided true love will never be for her, but she will be the perfect matchmaker. Prince Stavros has his own demons. Losing his Mother just as he was becoming a young adult. And feeling the need to do everything for his country.

His brother "the true heir" has left the country shortly after the accident. Stavros feels like he must give everything to his people and country who have suffered so much. Of course none of the women are perfect for him, as he is attracted to Jessica. But he agrees he will ask one of the women to be his bride if Jessica will spend 4 weeks with him. Stravos turns out to be a Prince in more ways than one. Loved the story. Another great read by Maisey Yates!

Jan 02, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars-hp , harlequin-presents , read-in , read-in-jan , harlequin-presents-challenge Loved this book!! So good. Loved both Stavoros and Jessica who were perfect for one another. Stavoros is so sweet, understanding, and loving towards Jessica that it was easy to see why anyone would fall for him, and Jessica fell hard for him, and I don't blame her in the least. And Stavoros was the perfect hero to get Jessica to open up her heart to him and no other man would have done.

But just like Stavoros helped Jessica through her fears and getting her to open up again after suffering soem Loved this book!! But just like Stavoros helped Jessica through her fears and getting her to open up again after suffering soem issues from her first marriage, Jessica helped him out too. Getting him to open up his numb heart to let in emotions that he had not felt since his mother died years and years ago.

Jessica taught him how to do that, and he never wants to go back to that numb existence ever again, and Jessica was the one that made that happen for him. They both deserved both love and to have a happily ever after, which they did with one another. Wonder if a Xander book will come down the pipe line with much mystery surrounding the character that was introduced in this book? Apr 12, Tawnya rated it really liked it. Jessica is set to the job of finding the perfect wife for Stravos, one who of course can give the prince heirs. Which because of a severe health issue Jessica can not do, even as she comes to realize Stravos is the man of her dreams.

Oct 17, Melissa Maxwell rated it it was amazing. This was a good story I loved Stavros and Jessica's journey to their happily ever after. Stavros just wants to find the prefect wife and uses Jessica to find her but I turns out she is perfect for him even if she does not check off everything on his list.

The book progressed well and I loved the ending. That was a horribly sad and depressing story. I love Maisey Yates usually but not this time.

I was disappointed a bit. As others have said this book needed an epilogue badly! Sep 23, Susan in Perthshire rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sad, romantic, touching, appealing, loving and engaging. The hero and heroine were great characters and I loved getting to know them.

No other lovers to detract from the love story just the steady growth of their relationship which eventually overcame their problems. Maisey writes such beautiful romances. Great to see how her skills have continued to grow and develop over the years! Nov 27, Kate rated it it was amazing. The H and h were so perfect for one another. I loved their sexual chemistry and their honest conversations. Prince Stavros was such a romantic figure, tall, dark and handsome and so gentle and loving towards Jessica as he learns of her health issue.

I only wished that there was an epilogue but we do learn more about their life in the final book of this trilogy. Bravo Maisey Yates! Maybe I've had a bit of an overdose on MY books but I just didn't really enjoy this one in fact it's rather forgettable which is not a good sign for me. Of course our H and h fall for each other despite her being hired to find him a wife and of course theres a reason they can't be together that's not due to her status as a commoner.

Tru luv wins and it's a HEA I was a little bored. Mar 13, Ahdev rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways , favourites. Apart from all the steamy stuff, the book portrays a sad yet a beautiful romantic story. And two lovable characters, with heart-wrenching past lives. And with the fairy tale ending, which maybe usual but it is only appropriate! Romance lovers will have a ball with this book! Nice read. Mar 04, RomLibrary added it Shelves: didn-t-like , royalty , hq-bookshelf , non-virgin-h , dont-bother , divorced-heroine.

Professional Matchmaker. Matchmaker extraordinaire Jessica Carter arranges marriages that work. Aug 22, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: harlequin-style , contemporary-romance , series. So I didn't realize I'd already read it until I finished the series and noticed this one missing. So here it is.

Mills & Boon ~ Modern

As I recall, Prince Stavros is completely anti-love and knows he needs to marry, so he hires a professional matchmaker, Jessica, to find him a queen. He doesn't want a companion or a lover, he wants a woman who will make an excellent queen but who will be impersonal and won't expect love. But he is majorly attracted to Jessica. She's had a rough time of it, been married and divorced because of her health and infertility.

Which is one of the main reasons that she would be unsuitable for a potential wife for Stavros. He'd have to love her enough to give up the crown, because he couldn't marry her without the potential for heirs. Jessica is reluctant, but agrees to an affair with Stavros, afterwards he'll return and marry the woman Jessica has chosen. I remember I liked this, as I did all of the books in this series. It was emotional and angsty, while being cleverly written. I liked Jessica a lot more than I liked Stavros, whose ethics were a bit iffy, but it's not as though he loved Victoria while he was sleeping with Jessica.

Nov 05, Mary rated it it was ok. Stavros is on the hunt for a princess and has hired renowned matchmaker Jessica to assist in finding qualified candidates - she must be free of scandal, of comparable background, and most importantly, fertile. Jessica, a divorced woman who is still coping with the physical and emotional trauma that ended her marriage, definitely does not fulfill any of these requirements.

Nonetheless, the prince and th "At His Majesty's Request" is another Harlequin romance focusing on fictional Grecian royalty. Nonetheless, the prince and the matchmaker can't resist the mutual attraction and end up falling for each other. I'm not sure why I am still continuing with this bundle since I do not feel any emotional connection to the story. The writing is bland with many over-used adjectives and I was unable to empathize with the characters' struggles.

One thing I should credit the author for, however, is her portrayal of women like Jessica. Although I am uncertain about how accurate it is, I found it something different and very realistic - women with a similar history may not have as much representation in the genre. Feb 20, TashNz rated it really liked it.

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Jessica has been hired by Prince Stavros to find him a queen. Jane Porter.

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