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Just look for the title, or the date you heard it, in the dropdown. Ps Greg The exact Location of Mount Sinai has eluded archaeologists and theologians for centuries.

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It is the mountain of legend chronicled in the Old Testament book of Exodus — the mountain where Moses saw the glory of the God of Hebrews, where he fell to his knees in fear before a burning bush, and where he received the stone tables containing Holy Law etched by The search for the Ark of the Covenant has been dramatized in movies and researched in documentaries over the years, capturing the imaginations of archaeologist and Christians the world over. Aneesh Daniel directs the film, featuring Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, and Bollywood star Sharman Joshi with an original soundtrack including award-winning musical artists such as Michael W.

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Imagine a life of peace and purpose in the face of global disasters, increasing persecution, and economic instability. Is it really possible to live fearlessly in such troubled times? Torchlighters is a series of animated programs for kids, presenting the lives of true-life heroes from Christian history. When kids see what God can do through a 'Torchlighter' who is devoted to carrying out His will and purposes, they too may want to carry a torch of faith by serving Him. Second to the Bible in total copies and translations, the story was written by John Bunyan a pastor, imprisoned for sharing his faith.

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Its population is under 1 million people: it does not lie on major roads, waterways, or ports. Neither does it possess a great strategic location nor any natural resources — except for heavy stones. Without formal education or a missionary organization to back her, Gladys raised her own finances for the overland trip that would bring her to the country and people that God had etched so deeply on her heart.

This series chronicles the exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory. The first Salvation Army meeting in Australia was held in Edward Saunders and John Gore led the meeting from the back of a greengrocer's cart in Adelaide Botanic Park with an offer of food for those who had not eaten. In Melbourne from to , The Army's Limelight Department was established as Australia's first film production company.

Section of the Australian Constitution of provided for freedom of religion. The first census in showed Sectarianism in Australia tended to reflect the political inheritance of Britain and Ireland. Until , the vast majority of Catholics in Australia were of Irish descent, causing the Anglo-Protestant majority to question their loyalty to the British Empire. The number of Anglicans attending regular worship began to decline in and figures for occasional services baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals started to decline after Further waves of migration and the gradual winding back of the White Australia Policy , helped to reshape the profile of Australia's religious affiliations over subsequent decades.

The impact of migration from Europe in the aftermath of World War II led to increases in affiliates of the Orthodox churches, the establishment of Reformed bodies, growth in the number of Catholics largely from Italian migration and Jews Holocaust survivors. More recently posts , immigration from South-East Asia and the Middle East has expanded Buddhist and Muslim numbers considerably and increased the ethnic diversity of the existing Christian churches.

Russian sailors visiting Sydney celebrated the Divine Liturgy as long ago as and a Greek Orthodox population emerged from the midth century. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visited Australia in November At Alice Springs , the Pope made an historic address to indigenous Australians, in which he praised the enduring qualities of Aboriginal culture, lamented the effects of dispossession of and discrimination; called for acknowledgment of Aboriginal land rights and reconciliation in Australia; and said that the Christian Church in Australia would not reach its potential until Aboriginal people had made their "contribution to her life and until that contribution has been joyfully received by others".

More than , pilgrims camped out overnight in preparation for the final Mass, [41] where final attendance was between , and , people. In recent times, the Christian churches of Australia have been active in ecumenical activity. The movement evolved and expanded with Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches later joining and by the Catholic Church was also a member of the national ecumenical body, the National Council of Churches in Australia. A study estimates some 20, Muslim converted to Christianity in Australia, most of them belonging to some form of Protestantism.

Data for table up to from Australian Bureau of Statistics. Christianity and European culture have had a significant impact on Indigenous Australians , their religion and their culture. As in many colonial situations the churches both facilitated the loss of Indigenous Australian culture and religion and also facilitated its maintenance. The involvement of Christians in Aboriginal affairs has evolved singnificantly since Around the year , many churches and church organisations officially apologised for past failures to adequately respect indigenous cultures and address the injustices of the dispossession of indigenous people.

Christian missionaries often witnessed to Indigenous people in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. Many missionaries often studied Aboriginal society from an Anthropological perspective. Others, like Fr Kevin McKelson of Broome encouraged aboriginal culture and language while also promoting the merits of western style education in the s.

Prominent Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson , himself raised at a Lutheran mission in Cape York , has written that missions throughout Australia's colonial history "provided a haven from the hell of life on the Australian frontier while at the same time facilitating colonisation". In the Torres Strait Islands , the Coming of the Light Festival marks the day the Christian missionaries first arrived on the islands on 1 July and introduced Christianity to the region.

This is a significant festival for Torres Strait Islanders, who are predominantly Christian. Religious and cultural ceremonies are held across Torres Strait and mainland Australia. Prominent Aboriginal Christians [54] have included Pastor David Unaipon , the first Aboriginal author; Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls , athlete, activist and former Governor of South Australia ; Mum Shirl Smith , a celebrated Redfern community worker who, assisted by the Sisters of Charity , worked in the courts and organised prison visitations, medical and social assistance for Aborigines, [49] and former Senator Aden Ridgeway , the first Chairman of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry.

In recent times, Christians like Fr Ted Kennedy of Redfern, [56] Jesuit human rights lawyer Fr Frank Brennan [57] and the Josephite Sisters have been prominent in working for Aboriginal rights and improvements to standards of living. In the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference officially recognised and welcomed it as the national representative and consultative body to the church on issues concerning Indigenous Catholics.

The members of the council stand down every three years and a new council is appointed. In addition, Caritas Australia provides ongoing funding. Christian charitable organisations, hospitals and schools have played a prominent role in welfare and education since Colonial times, when the First Fleet 's Church of England chaplain, Richard Johnson , was credited as "the physician both of soul and body" during the famine of and was charged with general supervision of schools.

A number of Christian churches are significant national providers of social welfare services including residential aged care and the Job Network and education. These include:.

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Catholic Health Australia is the largest non-government provider grouping of health, community and aged care services in Australia. Irish Sisters of Charity arrived in Sydney in and established St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney in as a free hospital for the poor. The Sisters went on to found hospitals, hospices, research institutes and aged care facilities in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

Jointly the group operates four public hospitals; seven private hospitals and 10 aged care facilities. The English Sisters of the Little Company of Mary arrived in and have since established public and private hospitals, retirement living and residential aged care, community care and comprehensive palliative care in New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. ADRA is operational in more than countries, around the world, providing relief and development, where ever needed. Within Australia they provide shelter, relief, and services to those in need.

They have numerous refuges set up those suffering abuse, as well as shelters for those in need. As well many other things such as food distribution, op-shops etc. There are substantial networks of Christian schools associated with the Christian churches and also some that operate as parachurch organisations. The Catholic education system is the second biggest sector after government schools and has more than , [70] students and around 21 per cent of all secondary school enrolments. The Catholic Church has established primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in Australia.

The Anglican Church has around schools in Australia , providing for more than , children. Mary MacKillop was a 19th-century Australian nun who founded an educational order, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart , and has recently become the first Australian to be canonised as a saint by the Catholic Church. Church schools range from elite, high cost schools to low fee locally based schools. Churches with networks of schools include:.

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The Australian Catholic University opened in following the amalgamation of four Catholic tertiary institutions in eastern Australia. These institutions had their origins in the 19th century, when religious orders and institutes became involved in preparing teachers for Catholic schools and nurses for Catholic hospitals. Church leaders have often involved themselves in political issues in areas they consider relevant to Christian teachings. In early Colonial times, Catholicism was restricted but Church of England clergy worked closely with the governors.

The Reverend Samuel Marsden had magisterial duties and so was equated with the authorities by the convicts.

The Crusades: A Complete History

He became known as the "floging parson" for the severity of his punishments. As a proponent of Australian Federation he denounced anti-Chinese legislation as "unchristian"; became an advocate for women's suffrage and alarmed conservatives by supporting trade unionism and "Australian socialism". Santamaria formed the Democratic Labor Party over concerns of Communist influence over the trade union movement in the s.

In , Catholic cardinal Edward Clancy wrote to the prime minister, John Howard , urging him to send an armed peacekeeping force to East Timor to end the violence engulfing that country. When taking their oath of office , ministers in the Australian federal government may elect to swear that oath on the Bible. In , half of the 40 member cabinet of the Rudd Government chose to do so. Religion is often kept "low-key" as topic of discussion in politics in Australia, but a number of current and past politicians present themselves as Christian in public life, these include:.

The Parliamentary Christian Fellowship , also known as the Parliamentary prayer group, is a gathering of Christian politicians in the Australian parliament , who hold prayer sessions on Monday nights in Parliament House, Canberra. The Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter are marked as public holidays in Australia. The Christian festival of Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. As in most Western nations, Christmas in Australia is an important time even for non-religious people and is generally celebrated on 25 December.

Although Christmas in Australia is celebrated during the Southern Hemisphere summer, many Northern Hemisphere traditions are observed in Australia — families and friends exchange Christmas cards and gifts and gather for Christmas dinners; sing songs about snow and sleighbells; decorate Christmas trees ; and tell stories of Santa Claus. Nevertheless, local adaptations have arisen — large open-air carol concerts are conducted on summer evenings before Christmas — such as the Carols by Candlelight in Melbourne and Sydney's Carols in the Domain.

The Christmas song Six White Boomers , by Rolf Harris , tells of Santa undertaking his flight around Australia hauled by six white-boomer kangaroos in place of reindeer. James place the hymns of praise firmly in an Australian context of warm, dry Christmas winds and red dust. Although a hot roast dinner remains a favourite Christmas meal, the summer temperatures can tempt some Australians toward the nearest watercourses to cool down between feasts. It is a tradition for international visitors to gather en masse at Sydney's Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. The Assyrian Church of the East is also known to be a crowd drawer for the special Christmas Eve midnight mass.

More than 15, faithful gather at churches in Sydney , notably the St Hurmizd Cathedral in Sydney's west. In Australia, in addition to the religious significance of Easter for Christians, the festival is marked by a four-day holiday weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday — which generally coincides with school holidays and is an opportunity for family and friends to travel and reunite. Across Australia, church services are well attended, as are secular music festivals, fairs and sporting events.

Traditional Easter foods commonly consumed in Australia include Hot Cross Buns , recalling the cross of the Crucifixion, and chocolate Easter Eggs — symbolic of the promise of New Life offered by the Resurrection. Although chocolate eggs are now eaten throughout the period, eggs were traditionally exchanged on Easter Sunday and, as in other nations, young children believe their eggs to be delivered by the Easter Bunny. A local variant on this tradition is the story of the Easter Bilby , which seeks to raise the profile of an endangered Australian native, the Bilby whose existence is threatened by the imported European rabbit population.

Other Easter traditions have been brought by migrant communities to Australia. Greek Orthodox traditions have a wide following among descendants of Greek immigrants; and a fishermen's tradition brought from Sicily , the Ulladulla Blessing of the Fleet , takes place on the New South Wales South Coast with St Peter as patron. Most towns in Australia have at least one Christian church.

One of Australia's oldest is St.

Martin Luther

James Church, Sydney , built between and The historic Anglican church was designed by Governor Macquarie 's architect, Francis Greenway — a former convict — and built with convict labour. It is set on a sandstone base and built of face brick with the walls articulated by brick piers.

Blacket also designed St Saviour's Goulburn Cathedral , based on the Decorated Gothic style of a large English parish church and built between — The plan of the cathedral is a conventional English cathedral plan, cruciform in shape, with a tower over the crossing of the nave and transepts, and twin towers at the West Front, with impressive stained glass windows.

Built to a design by William Wardell from a foundation stone laid in , the spires of the Cathedral were not finally added until the year Wardell also worked on the design of St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne — considered among the finest examples of ecclesiastical architecture in Australia. Largely constructed between and , the nave was Early English in style, while the remainder of the building is in Decorated Gothic. St Paul's Anglican Cathedral , from a foundation stone laid in , is another Melbourne landmark.

Tasmania is home to a number of significant colonial Christian buildings including those located at Australia's best preserved convict era settlement, Port Arthur. According to 19th century notions of prisoner reform, the "Model Prison" incorporates a grim chapel into which prisoners in solitary confinement were shepherded to listen in individual enclosures to the preacher's Sunday sermon — their only permitted interaction with another human being. This church long pre-dates the city of Canberra and is not so much representative of urban design as it is of the Bush chapels which dot the Australian landscape and stretch even into the far Outback , such as that which can be found at the Lutheran Mission Chapel at Hermannsburg in the Northern Territory.

Founded by Spanish Benedictine monks in A number of notable Victorian era chapels and edifices were also constructed at church schools across Australia. Along with community attitudes to religion, church architecture changed significantly during the 20th century. Urban churches such as that at the Wayside Chapel in Sydney differed markedly from traditional ecclesiastical designs.

St Monica's Cathedral in Cairns was designed by architect Ian Ferrier and built in —68 following the form of the original basilica model of the early churches of Rome, adapted to a tropical climate and to reflect the changes to Catholic liturgy mandated at Vatican 2.

The cathedral was dedicated as a memorial to the Battle of the Coral Sea which was fought east of Cairns in May In the later 20th century, distinctly Australian approaches were applied at places such as Jambaroo Benedictine Abbey , where natural materials were chosen to "harmonise with the local environment". The chapel sanctuary is of glass overlooking rainforest. The Salvation Army founded one of the world's first ever movie studios in Melbourne in the s: the Limelight Department. First filming A Melbourne Street Scene in , they went on to make large scale Christian themed audio-visual presentations such as Soldiers of the Cross in , and documented the Australian Federation ceremonies of A number of current and past media personalities present themselves as Christian in public life, these include Brooke Fraser , Dan Sweetman , and Guy Sebastian.

Coverage of religion is part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 's Charter obligation to reflect the character and diversity of the Australian community. Its religious programs include coverage of worship and devotion, explanation, analysis, debate and reports. A Bush Christening is a popular comic bush ballad by renowned Australian poet Banjo Paterson which makes light of the sparsity of Christian preachers and houses of worship on the Australian frontier, beginning:. Nevertheless, the body of literature produced by Australian Christians is extensive.

During colonial times, the Benedictine missionary William Ullathorne — was a notable essayist writing against the Convict Transportation system. Dawe is among Australia's foremost contemporary poets, noted for his use of vernacular and everyday Australian themes. Australian literature for a long time assumed knowledge of Biblical stories, even where works of literature are not overtly Christian in character.

The writings of great 20th century authors like Manning Clark or Patrick White are therefore filled with allusions to biblical or Christian themes. Many Australian writers have examined the lives of Christian characters, or have influenced by Christian educations. Best selling author Tim Winton.

Australia's best selling novel of all time, The Thornbirds , by Colleen McCullough writes of the temptations encountered by a priest living in the Outback. In , Prime Minister and atheist Julia Gillard , said that it was important for Australians to have knowledge of the Bible, on the basis that "what comes from the Bible has formed such an important part of our culture.

It's impossible to understand Western literature without having that key of understanding the Bible stories and how Western literature builds on them and reflects them and deconstructs them and brings them back together. The story of Christian art in Australia began with the arrival of the first British settlers at the end of the 18th Century.

Rupert Bunny — , one of the first Australian painters to gain international fame, often painted Christian themes see Annunciation , Among the most acclaimed of Australian painters of Christian themes was Arthur Boyd. Influenced by both the European masters and the Heidelberg School of Australian landscape art, he placed the central characters of the bible within Australian bush scenery, as in his portrait of Adam and Eve , The Expulsion From the s, Australian Aboriginal artists of the Western Desert began to paint traditional style artworks in acrylic paints.

This distinctively Australian style of painting has been fused with biblical themes to produce a uniquely Australian contribution to the long history of Christian art : integrating the mysterious dot designs and evocative circular patterns of traditional Aboriginal art with popular Christian subjects.

The Blake Prize for Religious Art was established in as an incentive to raise the standard of religious art in Australia and was named after the artist and poet William Blake. Christian music arrived in Australia with the First Fleet of British settlers in and has grown to include all genres from traditional Hymns of Praise to Christian Rock and country music. St Mary's Cathedral Choir, Sydney is the oldest musical institution in Australia, from origins in Church music also ranges widely across genres, from Melbourne's St Paul's Cathedral Choir who sing choral evensong most weeknights; to the Contemporary music that is a feature of the evangelical Hillsong congregation.

Baba Waiyar , a popular traditional Torres Strait Islander hymn shows the influence of gospel music mixed with traditionally strong Torres Strait Islander vocals and country music. Annually, Australians gather in large numbers for traditional open-air Christmas music Carols by Candlelight concerts in December, such as the Carols by Candlelight of Melbourne, and Sydney's Carols in the Domain.

James place the Christmas story firmly in an Australian context of warm, dry Christmas winds and red dust. Christian Reformed Churches of Australia. Pentecostal churches are growing with megachurches , predominantly associated with Australian Christian Churches the Assemblies of God in Australia , being found in most states for example, Hillsong Church and Paradise Community Church. As at the census , 12,,, representing While church affiliation as reported in the census identifies the largest denominations, there is no overarching study that shows how active the members are.

Some smaller studies include the National Church Life Survey which researches weekly church attendance among other items through a survey done in over congregations in many but not all Christian denominations every Australian Census year and from that estimates figures for those denominations nationally. From the survey about 8. The Catholic Church represents the highest number of church attenders, with over 50 percent. Whilst church attendance is generally decreasing the Catholic Church attendance in Australia is declining at a rate of 13 percent.

Some Protestant denominations such as the Baptist Union of Australia and the Churches of Christ in Australia grew at a smaller rate, less than 10 per cent, between and In Australia , the term " Bible Belt " has been used to refer to areas within individual cities, which have a high concentration of Christians, usually centralised around a megachurch , for example: []. Toowoomba city in Queensland has long been regarded as fertile ground for Christian fundamentalist religio-political right-wing movements [] that adhere to biblical literalism, particularly those within the Pentecostal and charismatic stream of Christianity.

This was exemplified by the highly publicised rise and subsequent fall of Howard Carter [] and the Logos Foundation in the s. The Logos Foundation and other similar movements that have followed it, operate in a controlling, authoritarian and almost cultish manner, contributing to their notoriety. These church groups are strongly associated with North American trends such as the New Apostolic Reformation , Dominion theology , Five-fold ministry thinking, Kingdom Now theology and revivalism. They support the achievement of a type of theocratic society where conservative and literal interpretations of the bible are the dominant drivers of government, education, the Arts, the media and entertainment.

Another conservative church group, the Toowoomba Christian Fellowship, has in recent times attracted publicity for the cult-like manner in which it operates. The Range Christian Fellowship in Blake Street Toowoomba, originally formed with adherents in as a protest to the acceptance of homosexuality, has become known for bizarre manifestations and phenomena associated with the Toronto blessing and the North American movements mentioned above. This has included squealing, holy laughter , an inability to stand or sit, retching as though experiencing child-birth, moments of religious ecstasy and emotional euphoria , uttering apocalyptic prophecies and the use of textile banners that are believed to have special powers emanating from divinely inspired designs.

Like other similar churches in Toowoomba, the Range Christian Fellowship became strongly influenced by end-times conspiracy prophecies associated with Y2K , when members of this church purchased generators, engaged in significant food hoarding, took lessons in self-sufficiency and planned for a total collapse of modern society.

In the period following this, some church members displayed obsessive and highly superstitious behavior in regard to the Prayer of Jabez doctrine. Revival Ministries of Australia Shiloh Centre in Russel Street, has a sole focus on the concept of revivalism , founded on precepts of spiritual warfare Christianity and a belief in a providential purpose for the city of Toowoomba as a hub of religious revival.

Many of its members were religiously active during the years roughly covering through till the late s, as part of the now defunct Rangeville Uniting Church Toowoomba, [] where they, along with other local Pentecostal church leaders and their followers, engaged in significant strategic-level Spiritual Warfare. They still claim that through this action they took control of the demonic Territorial Spirits evil spirits that were making the city both sinful and resistant to the gospel message.

Following this, it was expected and predicted at times through prophecies that a great revival of Christian faith including thousands of new conversions would follow, in addition to a reduced crime rate, phenomenal church growth, improved morality, general prosperity among the population and the installation of men and women of God into government. There were further claims that this action had placed Toowoomba strategically to be a hub of the anticipated great Australian revival.

This expectation of a citywide transformation failed to materialize and was based on the teaching of North American Christian-mystic preacher George Otis jnr. Christianity held strong influence in Australia society after British colonisation, but the influence of Christianity declined in the latter part of the 20th century. The Anglican Church has said that churches are being sidelined in the wider debate on same-sex marriage.

The ACT Attorney-General , Simon Corbell has said, in the ACT, it will be, "unlawful for those who provide goods, services and facilities in the wedding industry to discriminate against another person on the basis of their sexuality or their relationship status. This includes discrimination by refusing to provide or make available those goods, services or facilities.

Liberal senator Eric Abetz has said that media felt comfortable vilifying Christian politicians. Conservative politicians are often described as being "extreme" or from the " Religious Right ".

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He said that the Canberra press gallery gives, "more positive coverage to politicians and policies they agreed with". The Anglican Church has criticised the Victorian government for cutting religious education in state schools. Some Christians have criticised the Safe Schools program [] which is used in primary and secondary schools [] [] as "radical sexual experimentation".

Some Christians have objected to proposals to establish buffer zones around abortion clinics in both Victoria [] and Tasmania saying they limit the freedom to protest. Adoption is currently restricted in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory to couples of the opposite sex. The Victorian government has drafted adoption legislation for same-sex parents which does not include any exemptions for faith-based adoption agencies. New South Wales adoption legislation grants these exemptions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article uses citations that link to broken or outdated sources.

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