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The ascending node is called Rahu and the descending node is called Ketu. The Rahu-Ketu movement resembles a huge celestial serpent that moves in a wavy up and down manner and periodically swallows the Sun or the Moon. The ascending node is held responsible for swallowing the Sun while the descending node is held responsible for lunar eclipses.

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In its entirety the Rahuketu serpent is responsible for influencing the lives of the humans. Luckily enough, Chinese and other Asian cultures treat the dragon with all due respect and reverence. A common attitude was to classify the descending South Node as malefic and the ascending North Node as beneficial. The Head of the Dragon was considered to be masculine and of nature of Jupiter and sometimes Jupiter—Venus.

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Using this overly simplified if not dismissive approach, one could still utilise the knowledge of the nodes in astrological interpretations and derive some additional insights from natal charts. The movement of the great celestial serpent represents unfoldment of life with its highs, lows and moments of equilibrium imbued with special meaning. This idea actually makes some sense from the standpoint of qualities of the nodes. The north node is forward looking and advancing , brings originality, inspiration rooted in independence.

Its downside can be potential confusion, illusion and neurotic addiction. Being related to past deeds and karma, the south node can express itself via eccentric behaviour and violence with potential amorality and impulsiveness.

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After all they are the two parts of one serpent! From this standpoint, it does make sense to see the North Node as a Jupiterian force of expansion and benevolence , while the South Node is a Saturnian principle of limits and karma leading to inevitable contraction until the debts have been repaid.

What makes the nodes so special is their relationship to eclipses. Every time the Moon finds itself in the vicinity of the nodes there is a probability of an eclipse, either solar or lunar. Eclipses can only happen during either solar-lunar conjunction the New Moon or solar-lunar opposition the Full Moon when the connection between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth is interrupted. Most eclipses are quite harmless but some rare ones are powerful enough to introduce breaking points of a certain kind, depending on configuration of other significant planets.

Just like in the symbolism of resting dragon: a powerful sleeping force that unleashes volleys of fire when awaken. Planets or points that are conjunct with the south node often mean the past — past patterns or past incarnations during which the person may have been:.

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Action or inaction, good or bad, truth or falsehood… all equally create karmic imprints that can work either for or against the person. Any planet conjunct to the South Node signifies intense interaction of the individual with forces and principles of the planet that happened during past lives. The interaction may have been blissful, productive or traumatic.

For example, having Neptune on the South Node may mean that in the past the person have been:.

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Either way, each planet can unfold its influence in either enabling or disabling manner. It is worth mentioning that the South Node also stands for occult powers and forces of the Underworld. The three factors that influence that:. In each of those cases carefully analyse what could the past mean.

As with pretty much everything in astrology, the meaning can vary and will depend on many other factors. There is a tendency with this transit to lower your standards in relationships. Disloyalty now would nearly always lead to embarrassment or scandal when exposed.

It is normal to feel upbeat and optimistic now but overconfidence would lead to unwanted repercussions. A good way to avoid any moral decay is to spend some time sharing your goodwill.

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Charitable work would be fulfilling but make sure to leave enough for yourself. This tendency toward overdoing things also needs to be watched when shopping. Your emotional reactions and impulses are much stronger now and can lead you astray. Religion or other forms of spirituality may appeal to you.

This would also be a good time to look into further education, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. This interpretation for Moon square Jupiter transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon square Jupiter. How does this aspect relate to Moon Square Jupiter in my Natal? A sextile is easier than a square, which brings tress and tension. A sextile is outgoing and expressive, more dynamic than the trine.

I will eventually write Moon sextile Jupiter, basically happy emotions. Sag rising. She is very psychic indeed, as possibly expected from a person with a dominant 12th house in a Water sign. So psychic to the point of finding out through a dream that an envious cousin of hers was doing black magic on her. One time she told me about this other dream where she saw church crosses, people in black robes and next thing you know, she was drowning in a river, in the dream.

Today, let's understand the meaning of the passage, transit of the Moon in quadrature and opposition on their ascendant. What is the meaning and tangible events which should be expected when the Moon passes on the ascendant of his natal chart is not in good appearance? Recall that the Moon is about our unconscious, our sensitivity, our feminine side and our dark side.

In a natal chart can also mean the mother or the woman you're looking for in life for a man. The ascendant represents the way we ask ourselves in life, the means we use to move forward, as others see us and how we are physically.