Painting on Rocks for Kids

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It makes painting them other colors easier. Max and I talked about what we wanted to paint on the rocks we found since that would determine what color we would paint them. You can see the progression of paint in this picture. We decided on a shot, candy corn, pumpkin, Frankenstein, witch, and a bat for round one of rock painting.

Round two of Halloween rock painting, Maxwell declared he wanted to draw monsters.

The Cutest Watermelon Painted Rocks for Kids to Make

He asked me to add eyes, wings, and a head to a few. Then, we got out the crayons and colored them monsters.

Rock Painting - Coloring Stones For Creative Kids (Steine bemalen)

Mils helped with this part. Girlfriends loves her crayons.

A ton of ah-mazing activities and rock crafts for kids and adults alike!

When we finished, we dropped the rocks off at our local park and now are fun game is to go check on the rocks. We hope a kiddo find them and loves them so much they take them home. Or at the very least, smiles when he or she found our rocks! Your email address will not be published.

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Home C. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get my 3-ingredient sidewalk paint recipe here!

How to paint rocks. Amazing answers to your first questions

Our sidewalk paint is super-easy to make using a cornstarch and water base. We often use it to create art on the driveway and our front porch. I love it because it mixes up quickly and rinses away easily with a splash from the garden hose. The hooligans mixed up 4 colours of sidewalk paint in one of those plastic fruit trays from the grocery store. I never throw those trays away because they come in so handy for holding paints and craft supplies. I always fill the well in the centre of the container with water.

They dribbled and drizzled their paint in layers over the surface of the rocks, creating beautiful, colourful designs. Some rocks, they painted individually, while others, they chose to work on together with everyone contributing colours to the project. Check out these 25 Easy Art Techniques for Kids!

43 Awesome Rock Painting Ideas and Activities for Kids

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