Sacred Path, Joyful Journey

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The Savior showed us the perfect example that one of the greatest sources of true joy in mortal life is found through service. When we minister to our brothers and sisters like the Savior, with charity and love in our hearts, we can experience joy that goes beyond simple happiness.

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Bingham, Relief Society General President. There are many ways to bring greater joy into our ministering. Here are a few ideas:. Understand your purpose in ministering. There are many reasons to minister.

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Make ministering about people, not tasks. As we grow to love as the Savior did, we will be more open to the joy that comes from serving others.

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Make ministering simple. President M. Take the stress out of ministering. Our responsibility is to love them and help them turn to Jesus Christ, who is their Savior. Sometimes people are reluctant to ask for needed help, so offering our service could be just what they need. When you notice a need, asking permission before ministering is a good idea.

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The normally spotless house became cluttered and messy. Dishes and laundry piled up. In a moment when she felt completely overwhelmed, Relief Society sisters knocked on her door.

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The more joy, peace, and contentment we can cultivate in our lives, the more we will be able to share with others as we minister. It is something we can pray for see Doctrine and Covenants and invite into our lives. Here are a few ideas for cultivating joy in our own lives:. Listen to a radio podcast interview with Kathy talking about shamanic energy medicine. In addition to her work at Sofia University, Kathy has also created and taught ecopsychology workshops for the Greater Portland Sustainability Network.

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  8. Her various eco-literacy classes are designed to inspire confident and engaged participation in the global effort towards an ecologically sustainable society. She speaks at a variety of functions on the subjects of work and life balance, women's empowerment and ecopsychology. She is certified in shamanic energy medicine through the Four Winds Society and currently studies with the artist Flora Aube. Originally from Jamaica, Kathy now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and her two cats.

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    She loves traveling to sacred sites and treats each visit she has made to special places such as Sedona and Kauai as pilgrimages that have opened her heart and connected her to the wisdom of the earth. Kathy loves painting and her visionary art acrylic paintings center around images of the Sacred Feminine.

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    Are you wanting to energize and accelerate your life path? Are you finally ready to move beyond the patterns that have held you back?

    Exclusive sacred artisan jewelry. Yoga inspired, intentional, soulful.

    Kathy can help you find your way.