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The Adventure of the Dancing Men

Thank you Openezx. Anyone would be tempted to rush to Holmes in such a situation — if Holmes lived in the same country. Of course this startles Watson! I mean, he had told Holmes about his interest in South African securities but how could Holmes guess whether he was or was not investing?

This news does come as a shock in the story. Even to Holmes.

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The good part however, is, that Sherlock Holmes bounces back with a vengeance and then cracks the case left, right and center. Dr Carthew Bernard Atha. Elsie and Hilton Cubitt live happily at Riddling Thorpe Manor, up to the day when a line of stick-like figures drawn on a bench frightens Elsie out of her wits. Hilton, distraught, comes and seeks advice from Holmes.

The Dancing Men: Magical Moments, Trivia and Ratings!

But upon his return, a new line of mysterious graffiti awaits him. Meanwhile, Holmes strives to decipher the language of the "dancing men". Soon he succeeds in making out a sentence which reveals the identity of its author: Abe Slaney. Holmes asks an American inspector for information about Slaney. While he is waiting for an answer, Hilton forwards him a last message.

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  • It means: Elsie, prepare to meet thy God! Holmes and Watson rush towards the manor. Too late! Hilton has been shot dead and Elsie, who has attempted to commit suicide, is charged with the murder. Holmes, investigating on the spot, becomes certain that the culprit is Slaney, whose dangerousness has been confirmed by the American police, and lures him with a coded message signed "Elsie".

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