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Apart from size, both planets also share similar densities, composition and gravity, and may have even formed around the same time: 4. Not much more is currently known about the Shukrayaan mission, as it is currently being called, and further details are awaited from ISRO. Yet, the outer layers get much hotter than the Sun itself.

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While temperatures at the corona can reach upto a million degrees Kelvin 9,99, The probe will travel 15 lakh kilometres the Moon is only around 4 lakh km away to unravel many more secrets of the Sun. But scientists realised that the Lagrange point will give a clear picture, without any obstructions. The Lagrange point is ideal as the spacecraft fuel requirements to stay in position is reduced, using the gravitational forces of two celestial bodies.

There are five such points between the Sun and the Earth - named L-1, L-2 and so on.

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Aditya L-1 Proble will be positioned for in L1 for an uniterrupted view of the sun. The probe will carry six payloads with several scientific instruments to study the Sun like never before. It is expected to launch before the year from Sriharikota. In , Rakesh Sharma achieved the distinction of being the first Indian in space.

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With Gaganyaan planned to be launched in , indigenous technology developed within the country will take three Indian astronauts to space for the first time. They will stay in a 3. The spacecraft will be kept in a low orbit - between km and km.

While entering the orbit will take only 16 minutes, the return is expected to take 36 hours, with the spacecraft making a splash in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Gujarat. The 10, crore project will showcase critical technologies developed by ISRO - including re-entry mission capability, crew escape system, thermal protection system and life support systems in the spacecraft.

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