Unbreakable, A Guide to Understanding Marriage and Relationships

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The more attached you become to a person and a relationship, the more anxious you are about keeping things the way that they are. To assuage your own personal fears and insecurities, you have to be doing everything that you can to make sure that your relationship is consistently growing and strengthening itself. You always need to be making sure that you are doing everything you can to protect the love and intimacy that you share with your partner. You have to understand that all relationships are always going to require heavy doses of effort and commitment.

You constantly have to be working at the love that you have for one another. The steps to strengthening a relationship are fairly easy and simple to understand. The more time that you spend with one another, the more that you are able to create memories and share experiences as a couple.

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When you are able to experiences things as a couple, you really grow both as individuals and as people in love. You are further preparing and arming yourselves for the many trials that your relationship is going to eventually face the longer you stay together. At the end of the day, your relationship is going to be shaped by the moments, experiences, and memories that you share together as a couple. When you spend time with one another, do so with a purpose.

Their approach has already helped hundreds of military couples who live in perhaps the most challenging marriage context today. He serves thousands adults through pastoral care and a heart for discipleship. With over 14 years of service Tony is passionate about helping military couples face the challenges that are unique to the military. Tony has been married to his high school sweetheart since and they have three children ranging in ages from two to eight.

Tony also enjoys blogging at www. Designed for use by chaplains and counselors in individual session settings, with a separate component for small group settings Principle-based lessons are easy to follow no facilitator necessary , and are interactive, dynamic, engaging, practical. Each chapter deals with specific critical issues most couples face Geared for any couple,particularly military Workbook format with clear, effective principle to repair, strengthen, and shock-proof marriages.

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Sign in or create an account. It is a masterpiece. If you have, see it again. This great movie was a flop with the reviewers.

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Even the reviewers who liked the movie were baffled by the ending. When I first saw this film, the ending hit me so hard and personally that it convinced me that there is a higher power at work in the Universe. This time around it will make sense.

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Night Shamalyan earned world acclaim in with his surprise hit, The Sixth Sense. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of The Sixth Sense is the way he zaps you with an ending that instantaneously changes your comprehension of the entire story.

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Shyamalan performs the same kind of trick in Unbreakable, except that the surprise ending comes even more suddenly and in the very last seconds, so neither the hero nor the viewer have time to digest it as in The Sixth Sense. In fact, Shyamalan performs a double-whammy. One surprise is quickly followed by another.

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Taking the first opportunity to get on the Internet, I read dozens of reviews of Unbreakable. My hunch turned out to be right. Not a single one of the reviewers understood the ending. Most considered the entire film a big disappointment. Some liked the story and the filmmaking, but called the ending confusing or unsatisfying. And the rare ones that actually liked the ending apparently understood only the first of the double-whammies.

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Unbreakable is the story about how a comic-book dealer, Elijah Price Samuel Jackson , born with a rare genetic disease that makes his bones brittle, helps an underachieving security guard, David Dunn Bruce Willis , realize that he is a true comic-book-type superhero. Elijah sought out David because he was the only survivor of a massive train wreck. Elijah believes that just as there are brittle people at one end of the spectrum, there must be unbreakable ones at the other end. That is Whammy Number One.