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It was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation, and it was put out last night, also, by Ukraine. And, you know, when the President speaks to the head of another country, he has to be able to speak to those people. But with all of that being said, we had a very great conversation — very straight, very honest conversation. I hope they can put it out. But I also assume many people are on the line from the other side. I assume many people are on the line. I know that before I make the call. That call was a great call.

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It was a perfect call. A perfect call. And now he made it a lie when he said he never spoke to his son. And now he said, yesterday, very firmly. Of course, you spoke to your son.

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So, he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son. He spoke to his son. And then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor and they got the money. The floods are very important to me. And climate change — everything is very important.

They took a tremendous amount of money out of China. Now, if they ever took over a China negotiation, he would sell us out. Look at all the money he made in China. The son, he knew nothing. The son is a stiff. And he did the same thing in Ukraine. He knows nothing. This is a very dishonest thing that Joe Biden did. And then he said he never spoke to this son. Does anybody believe that one? But then he also said, long before, that that he did speak to his son.

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So he lied, again. But he said a very bad thing. He said a very foolish thing. Now, me, on the other hand, my conversation with the President — the new President of Ukraine was perfect. They put out a statement last night. They said the same thing. It was a warm, friendly conversation. There was no quid pro quo. There was nothing. It was a perfect conversation. Q How do you explain the military aid, sir?

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How do you explain delaying military aid inaudible? We paid the military aid, to the best of my knowledge. I gave so much more to Ukraine than Obama did. Go back and check your record. President, can you tell us why anybody should be allowed to buy a gun without a background check? If Congress would ever get back to work, we could work something.

The Democrats in Congress are doing nothing. You know why? The problem I have is that Jerry Nadler and all these people — they keep wasting time in Congress over nothing. The Mueller report was perfect. Corey Lewandowski was magnificent. Everybody is perfect. They know it.

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And we have a lot of people working on this. They made up a story. It was a false story. It was a hoax. And, frankly, we have to get to the bottom of how it started. And I could do things if I wanted. But Jay Powell is not helping us.

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Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible. The President and the First Lady strongly encourage all Americans to consider sending contributions to their favorite charities in lieu of gifts to the First Family. For security reasons, please do not send perishable gifts —such as food, liquids, or flowers — to the White house.

The White House is unable to accept cash, checks, bonds, gift certificates, foreign currency, or other monetary equivalents. Additionally, items sent to the White House are often significantly delayed and can be irreparably harmed during the security screening process. Therefore, please do not send items of personal importance, such as family photographs, because items may not be returned.

Write a letter to the President Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible.